Pricing ($USD)

We make it simple


Base product - Consuming content + Exploration tools
$ 0 Free perpetual license
  • No data cap - Unlimited rows - Unlimited cores
  • Open any workspace (with included data extract) created with Studio
  • Works offline, no registration needed
  • Full charts interaction and creation during the session (no save)
  • Aggregating
  • Data mapping
  • Selection brushing
  • Filtering, faceting, scaling and scoping
  • Animating
  • Views navigation
  • Search
  • Adding columns (mathematical expressions)
  • Styling and image publishing
  • No advertising, just a link to buy Studio when a Studio feature is invoked

Why free?

You pay when you need it: monthly billing

Studio subscription*

* in Discovery application purchase - Creating content
$ 49
/ user / month
  • Workspace and view creation (save anything you created or modified)
  • Unlimited free Discovery users for your content
  • Import data (.csv, .tsv, ... ODBC 64-bits, Python, R)
  • Data update, tables join
  • Export selection (.csv, to Python and R environments with provided APIs )
  • Zip archive creation
  • Command line (import, update)
  • Works offline (license cache mechanism)
  • Up to ten devices per User with the same license

Why monthly subscription?

Exploration is free, pay for content creation only


There is a single product to install: Quantyl Discovery.

Discovery base license is free and perpetual, it grants you to open any Quantyl workspace. This free license allows you to do everything except importing, updating data and saving new content. This is a kind of “viewer” license, but with a lot more features than in a simple viewer (you can still add or modify charts during your session for example).

Discovery Studio is an in-application purchase add-on available in Discovery. Studio is a monthly recurring subscription plan, it unlocks all features of Discovery product (including import, export, update, views creation and save).

This pricing approach is modular, user is not trapped in a “forever” subscription to access to its own created content. And in case of multiple users, only some of them may create content consumed by others.

IMPORTANT: During the trial period, you experiment Discovery with Studio add-on active.

If you decide to stop your Studio subscription, you still have access to your full created content.